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14 March 2012 @ 02:27 am
Bingo Card 9  

Psi person seeks way to suppress his or her abilities
Someone is trying to kill psi people to keep secret gov’t project quiet
Each psi character has a totally different superpower psi ability (with no explanation)
Hypnotic telepathy (e.g. to make victim kill others or self, trick victim out of money, etc.)
Telepathic mind control from afar
Glowing eyes
Telepathic domination of women
Character is only psi in the presence of a certain special person
Person of “no value” (e.g. homeless man) killed with psi -- no consequences
Psi is “mysterious,” eerie or occult
(In spec fic) If psi is mentioned in the first five minutes (of seeing a psi character), it will be a “plot point”
(In spec fic) If psi isn’t mentioned in the first five minutes (of seeing a psi character), it won’t come up at all -- treat psi person as non-psi
Free Space: All psi experiences or awarenesses are relevant to advancing the “plot”
Disbelief in psi framed as American values (“show me” mentality)
Mixed-species character is psi through alien ancestry, not human ancestry
Stage performer suddenly becomes “really” psi
Real psi person as stage performer, circus act, etc.
Fictionalized dream telepathy (one way or two way)
Murder or rape through psychic dream connection (In film noir) The phony, slick, criminal psychic (preys on rich women)
Women believe in psi, men are more “rational” (not weak-minded) and therefore do not
Psi abilities come from “profound love and understanding”
One time, plot relevant psi -- someone knows that close family member is in danger or dies, but is not otherwise psi
Through touch, psi person knows others’ past, present and future
Psi people as physiologically different
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