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14 March 2012 @ 02:31 am
Bingo Card 10  

Telepathy gives you instant super social aptitude
Telepathy only works with one gender
Protagonist “confesses” to psi, loses job
Psi character must demonstrate, or appear to demonstrate, psi as soon as he/she appears in the story
Psi character is dramatically injured by psi, and needs to be rescued (usually by non-psi characters)
Psi works a certain way so the plot timing can unfold a certain way (even if this contradicts “how it works” elsewhere)
Psi character introduces him/ herself by explaining how psi works to ignorant non-psi character
Ignorant non-psi character doesn’t look up how psi works -- asks a psi character to explain it (to teach audience)
Telepathy as “extra sense” tacked on (or removed), rather than part of integrated whole
Loss of psi = more or less OK or healthy person, rather than disabled (where character should be disabled)
Telepathy works as speech, not like actual thoughts
Psi person is presented as better off dead
PK works by staring hard at things
Psi person makes prediction -- is blamed/ blames self for events happening
Real precog = can always predict important events, in “useful” ways
Precognition only of negative, bleak, or catastrophic events
Predicts important plot event Gives the protagonist helpful info about the future, then dies
Precognitive characters must be dead or removed from society by the end (but it’s for “their own good”!)
Precognition = “doomed predestination”
Vision of someone’s death -- but you can “trade fates”
Predicts important plot event, spends rest of story trying to stop it
Kids have super exaggerated psi powers, hide it from everyone, including their parents
Vision of the future -- you can change it, but you’ll die in the process
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