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14 March 2012 @ 02:47 am
Bingo Card 12  

Terminal illness, such as a brain tumor, causes psi (what causes psi will kill you)
What causes psi will kill you, but that’s OK because in death there is redemption from “curse”
Psi person tormented/ wants to die (or be killed) because psi gifts are such a burden
Psi person kills self/ sacrifices self for non-psi others -- in death finds peace, liberation or redemption at last
Psi person kills self/ sacrifices self for non-psi others, by using psi -- redemption achieved!
Psi person saves the world but dies in the process (and sacrifice never recognized)
Psi person dies/ “absorbed back into nature” to teach tolerance to the “close-minded”
Psi makes you a little “less human” or kills you a little each time you use it (it destroys your life force/ soul!)
Child becomes psi, and dies, so that parents can see some evil in their ways
Psi people exist in the story to teach non-psi people lessons about life and death
Community is only restored to social legitimacy by psi person’s death
Existence of psi causes rift in community -- psi person must die, or flee, for community to heal
Free Space: Psi as gift which the bearer must “pay for,” psi has price
Psi person dies so that non-psi people can learn moral lesson
The Definitive Proof of Psi ™ is published -- the whole world instantly believes it
Psi as power/ knowledge man was not “meant to have”
There are only a handful of psi (or magical) people, but the story only focuses on them
There are only a handful of psi (or magical) people, and the story ignores them except as plot devices
Someone becomes psi/ interested in psi for one episode, then it’s not mentioned again
Psi in dreams always turns out to be "real," not just a dream (like any other sense)
Psi people who protect/ avenge the lives of other psi people = evil
Psi people as allegorical American Indians
American Indians as magical psi people (all of them, as a group)
Of course the government will take away your children if they are psi!
Abuse of psi children = not really child abuse
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