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14 March 2012 @ 02:51 am
Bingo Card 13  

Psi as metaphor for gay/lesbian (persecuted outcast)
“Good” psi person is helpless, and needs to be rescued by non-psi person
“Good” psi person vs. “bad” psi person (“bad” one must get comeuppance by non-psi people)
It is dangerous to be out about being psi
Psi person has control over natural forces because he/she is made from or by these forces
“If only I publicly demonstrate psi, that will make them all accept me!” (Not.)
Psi person uses psi powers to kill/ “punish” the “real” bad guys at the end
Movie plot: psi person vs. the whole town
It’s totally reasonable to keep your psi child locked up in a cage
Psi person as scary gay pedophile
Person becomes psi -- never questions the only explanation others give
Person becomes psi -- entire plot focuses on if /how he/she can fit back into non-psi society
Free Space: Psi person “discovered” -- everyone expects him/her to solve their problems
Person is or becomes psi -- rescues, heals, warns, otherwise helps non-psi people
Person becomes psi -- never looks for other psi people
Event or series of events happens -- psi person becomes famous and socially visible
(Approx. 1970 onward) -- stories with psi need to establish a “cause” for it
Psi person kills, tries to kill or injures others in “self defense” using psi
Psi person as “freak”
Psi person as “the Other” (e.g. large, “scary-looking” black man)
Psi person is “discovered” -- national press conference is held
Psi person outed/ comes out -- loses job because he/she is “too controversial”
Psi person has vision -- blacks out
Psi person as ultimate outcast (e.g. bald, albino recluse with super IQ and scary powers! Might be alien.)
Psi person as “ethereal,” as otherworldly
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