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14 March 2012 @ 02:57 am
Bingo Card 14  

Person becomes psi when zapped by alien energy beam
Person born psi because lightning struck pregnant mom
Children born psi, or very powerful, because parents were on drugs (birth defect comparison)
People become psi as a result of alien genetic tampering
Person becomes psi through accelerated evolution (or a mutation)
Person becomes psi from using/ being tested with a certain drug
Person becomes psi through traumatic brain injury
Person knocked unconscious, becomes psi
Person comes out of coma, is psi
Person has near death experience, comes back psi
Person is electrocuted, becomes psi
Psi comes from use of “unused” brain tissue
Free Space: “Good” psi people controlled by non-psi “good guys” (and internalized oppression), those who are not are controlled are “bad”
Psi as comic “gimmick” to make protagonist mature
Telepathy as hearing voices
Person shocked again, loses psi!
Event that gave you psi happens again -- person loses psi
Having been psi for a few weeks teaches protagonist Important Life Lessons
Having been psi for a few weeks totally changes protagonist’s personality (e.g. no longer sexist)
Character loses psi, is relieved or thankful
Person loses psi “powers,” becomes enlightened (or free)
Psi person loses psi, is now able to form healthy relationships
Character loses or gives up psi abilities by the end of the story, “happily ever after”
Psi brings you fame and grief (giving it up is best)
Man loses psi, but now gets girl!
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