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23 March 2012 @ 03:09 am
Bingo Card 16  

Person is psi, but no one believes him/ her because he/she is “crazy”
Character of color “explains” psi context to clueless white protagonist
White author tosses in token “exotic” or native context for psi
PK works like physical lifting -- lightweight objects are easier to move
Character of color exists in the story to be, or evoke, “mystical psi stuff”
Psi works better when two people (or more) concentrate on it together
Psi people as mutants
With practice, person can use PK to lift "heavier and heavier" objects
Alcohol facilitates psi
Person becomes psi -- vigilante justice time (using psi)!
Psi person doesn't tell anyone because he/ she is afraid they will hate/ fear/ abuse/ become violent toward/ leave him/ her
Getting angry makes psi happen (but just the way you want)
Free Space: Real psi = always works on command, exactly the way you want
PK as “mental beam”
Person becomes psi -- takes revenge on his/ her enemies (using psi)
Psi character suddenly develops ability to do anything the author dreams up, no matter how impossible, inconsistent or random
Psi person “discovered” -- everyone expects him/her to perform for their entertainment
Psi as “wish fulfillment” for author
Becoming psi makes otherwise not sadistic character into a sadist
Psychokinetic attack
Abuse of psi people (children and adults) not really abuse or human rights violation
Psi people dehumanized
Psi people worshipped
Psi people as either more than human (god-like) or less than human (have no rights) -- no room for other option (actually human)
Psi person “discovered” -- gov’t forces them to kill others (using psi)
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