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23 March 2012 @ 03:34 am
Real Life Psi Fail Bingo Card 1  

“I fetishize telepaths, telepathic sex or my idea of what that would be like.”
Brings up psychopaths or sociopaths
All people who “believe in” psi are crazy, irrational or inferior
“If I was aware of others’ thoughts, I’d go crazy/ kill myself.”
“How do you know it’s really theirs?”
“I believe you believe it.”
“I wish I could believe you, but I can’t.”
“If psi existed, that would be SO DAMN COOL.”
“Prove it to me.”
Frames psi as a belief or a claim
“Science hasn’t proved it, so I can’t believe you.”/ “There is no real evidence for psi.”
“You’re obviously exaggerating.”
It’s not “really psi” unless you never make any mistakes
“I just write about it, don’t worry, I don’t BELIEVE IN it.”
“Can I experiment on you?”
New Age babble
Refuses to acknowledge I am psi no matter how many times I say it
“I want to be telepathically dominated/ telepaths should be sexually submissive.”
“If you’re so psychic, why haven’t you won the lottery?”
“Scan me now!”/ “What do you sense from me now?”
Frames psi as a collection of phenomena, not in terms of people
Disbelief is “reasonable,” denial of psi person’s experiences is called “debate”
People with mental illnesses who “claim to be psi” are therefore not really psi
Expects ally cookies for simply “believing” psi person that he/she is psi
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