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23 March 2012 @ 03:44 am
Real Life Psi Fail Bingo Card 2  

“If you can’t demonstrate it on command, you’re not really psi”
“If you won’t demonstrate it on command, you must be lying about it”
Psi people framed as “attention whores”
All psi people are fluffy bunnies/ posers/ wannabes
“You can’t ever know what you experienced was really someone else’s.”
“Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.” (Burden of “proof” on us)
“There are posers, therefore none of you can be believed.”
“What do you expect me to be, a mind reader?”
“I resent your awarenesses.”
“I’m jealous of you.”
“They’re not other people’s feelings or thoughts, they’re your own.”
“You can’t own your issues, and so you project them onto other people.”
Free Space: NON-EXISTENCE (only alternatives are fiction, fraud or lunacy)
Psi = sin, evil, work of the devil
Puts psi people in the same category as “imaginary creatures”
Analyzes psi person or his/her experiences, and thinks that constitutes “relating to” that person
“I have an issue with one psi person, so I have an issue with them all.”
“I’m a psi researcher, and I believe in psi, therefore I’m an ally!”
“Your experiences don’t match spec fic, so they’re not really psi.”
“No offense, I’m a skeptic/ empiricist, ‘freethinker,’ etc.”
“Psi people manipulate others.”
“Psi people have crappy boundaries.”
Psi people “whine too much” and “create drama.”
“It’s the fault of whiny psi people or posers that we can’t be tolerant.”
“Psi-phobia doesn’t exist.”
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