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23 March 2012 @ 04:06 am
Real Life Psi Fail Bingo Card 3  

“If you complain about our bigotry, you started it. It’s your fault.”
“You’re a pain in the ass, therefore I declare you illegitimate.”
“So-called psi people have over-active (or uncomfortable) imaginations.”
“You just want to be a special snowflake.”
“So-called psi people are really just unstable or emotionally weak.”
Assumes he can speak with more authority on my senses than I can (and tries)
How “strange” an experience is defined by those who do not experience it
“It doesn’t matter if anyone believes in it.”
“You take yourself too seriously.”
“I have intuition -- I’M JUST LIKE YOU!”
“I’m just speaking in generalities (not about you).”
“I hate you for being in my head.” / “I hate you, get out of my head.”
Free Space: “Psi people do not exist, therefore I can make it all up.”
“There are no real psi people, so no one could really be offended by my story.”
“We can’t help our prejudice/bias, we’re techies (or scientists).”
Psi as random punch line (in advertisement, in a tv show, etc.)
“Aren’t I one, too? Just a little bit? Please?”
“It’s my creative license to write whatever I want.”
Comparisons to telephone psychics
“Good scientists do not ‘believe in’ psi.”
(In realistic fic) “Character thinks she’s psi! Let’s laugh at her!”
(In realistic fic) “Character thinks she’s psi! Look how wrong/ silly she is!”
“If psi people existed, normal people would be disabled!”
“If psi people existed, it would throw society as we know it into chaos.”
“You consider yourself a superior species.”
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