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23 March 2012 @ 04:09 am
Real Life Psi Fail Bingo 4  

“I believe it has a basis in brain science, and it is therefore not really psi.”
“I believe that science will one day explain it, and it is therefore not really psi.”
“I feel the pain of the whole world!”
“If I had telepathic powers, I’d use them to get laid.”
“I have crying fits of unknown origin. That makes me an empath.”
Academic discussion of psi as antithetical to serious scholarship
“If you all came out, then people would take you seriously.”
“We don’t have to change -- you’re not an organized/ socially recognized minority.”
“You’re whining about a problem that doesn’t exist.”
“Some empath you are, bitch.” (For not being “sensitive enough” to some emotional need)
(Their view of) science presented as the hallmark of reality (“scientism”)
“I use logic and reason. People who claim to be psi do not” OR “Therefore I know psi does not exist.”
Free Space: “My story is not supposed to be about REAL psi people, so STFU.”
People with unconventional beliefs (about other things) therefore aren’t really psi
Psi used to exist in ancient times (Bible times, etc.) but no longer exists
“That’s bound to happen eventually just by statistics.”
“Real telepathic people have no sense of privacy.”
“You can’t expect to be believed with claims like that.”
“I can’t believe your experiences -- this isn’t a double blind experiment.”
Acts as gatekeeper of “reality”
(After saying offensive things) “Never mind, I don’t actually care anyway.”
“She called when I was thinking about her! She must be psychic!”
“I cry at movies. That makes me an empath.”
Psi senses framed as “extra”sensory awareness, “para”normal, etc.
“You must know that (random fact) because you’re psi!” (Um, no.)
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