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23 March 2012 @ 04:21 am
Real Life Psi Fail Bingo 5  

Traditional realities replaced by Christianity and/or materialism
Psi experiences omitted from biographies of famous people
Psi framed as “superstition” or “primitive” beliefs
Kicked out of church for being psi or for attitudes about psi
“You should set up an ‘I’m psi, ask me anything’ booth in a café.”
“Real telepaths don’t need to use words.”
“It’s just a show/ movie/ story/ book.”
“Real empaths never act selfish.”
“I can’t be comfortable around you, knowing you are psi.”
“You’re a telepath, not an empath. This isn’t about you.”
“Real telepaths don’t have to check for understanding, they just know.”
“What do you think I am, psychic?”
“I’m just curious.”
Traditional and Native realities replaced by New Age fluff
“I want to learn telepathy -- will you teach me?”
“I’m teaching myself telepathy. You’re so fascinating!”
“You’re telepathic/ empathic? Let me tell you ALL MY PROBLEMS.”
“Oh, I thought that was just a lucky guess.”
“I can’t believe you, you’re the first I’ve ever met.”
“It’s really just subtle perception of body language.”
“If you were really psi, you’d let us test you.” / “If you refuse to be tested, it’s because you’re a fraud.”
Extremely offensive characterization = great book, “classic,” etc.
The only “convincing” evidence for psi comes from lab tests of people who don’t “claim” to be psi
“Sure your experiences are real. They’re just not what you say they are.”
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