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23 March 2012 @ 04:25 am
Real Life Psi Fail Bingo 6  

“I don’t have to believe you in order to be your therapist.”
“You believe in ESP? You need mental help now (for your delusion/ disorder).”
“I’m an atheist, I don’t believe in the supernatural.”
Mocking so-called psi people (or people who believe in psi) is OK/normal
“If psi is real, how come people don’t use it to get rich?”
“Here, let me explain to you why people hate telepaths.”
“This book/ article/ tv show is a TOTALLY positive presentation of psi/psi people!”
Extremely offensive book/ story/ show/ movie comes out -- no one talks about psi
“There are no real psi people, so no one could be offended by this story (someone else wrote).”
Women believe in psi, men are more “rational” (not weak-minded) and therefore do not
Psi is something only “very special” people have
Everyone is psi -- psi people’s life experiences are no different at all
Free Space: Absolutely anyone can be psi -- BUY MY BOOK!
Most people only use 10% of their brains! (Therefore you can fill the rest up with psi!)
Psi actors do not play psi characters
“Don’t bring in your life experiences, this is philosophy.”
“How should I know? I don’t have a crystal ball.”
“That’s all woo woo.”
“If I was psi, I’d use it to get out of homework.”
Real psi people would perform on stage for the entertainment of non-psi people
“I believe in psi AND I am psi” is not an answer choice in questionnaire
“I am certain psi is real” is not an answer choice in questionnaire
Acceptance of psi framed as “spiritual beliefs”
“You must also believe in (Nessie, UFOs, vampires, ghosts, angels, etc.).”
All forms of psi are the same, they’re all “generic psychic stuff”
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