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23 March 2012 @ 04:30 am
Real Life Psi Fail Bingo 7  

Non-psi people playing “practicing psi” and fluffing it up
“If real telepaths existed, they would kill themselves at a young age.”
“If real telepaths existed, they would all flee society/ from other people.”
Analyzes what the ethics of telepathy “should be” by analogy to physical senses
“Telepathy works just like a physical distance sense, just in the mind.”
“You can’t sense people you’re not talking to, right?”
Assumes no psi people are reading the blog/ listening to the conversation
“OH NOES, my sexual thoughts!” (or anyone else’s)
In talking to psi person, uses “criminalizing” language for psi
“I don’t (or that person doesn’t) believe in psi because I am (he/ she is) very logical and rational.”
“My non-psi experience was, for all practical purposes, like your psi one!”
Keeps treating thought like speech/ hearing/ reading, even when told it’s not
Free Space: “But SF exaggerates/ distorts everything! This is no different.”
In a poll, belief in psi framed as “not neutral” or “showing a bias” -- the poll itself should not show a bias
“That person doesn’t believe in psi because he/ she is autistic.”
Psi person talks about life: “But I thought you wanted me to analyze/ solve your problem.”
“Tell me, what would a society of only telepaths be like?” (ethics, norms, etc.)
Assumes their sexual thoughts are special, shocking and unique, rather than typical
“Hypothetically, ‘real world’ society would OF COURSE hate/ fear you, but not me -- I’m here to help you with that!”
“I don’t (or that person doesn’t) believe in psi because no one has presented me (him/ her) with good evidence for it.”
“You/ your life is an interesting thought-experiment to me. (And what’s wrong with that?)”
You’re psi? Let’s play find the perfect metaphor!
Me: “I’m feeling talked over, shut down and exhausted.” Them: “But this is so much fun for me!”
“I know all about how to ‘educate the normals’! Let me tell you all my ideas!”
“I’m sure he/ she would be convinced if someone just gave him/ her good evidence!”
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