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22 November 2013 @ 01:52 am
Star Trek: TNG (Pen Pals)  
The episode summary can be found here. This is a Season 2 episode.

There is very little to do with psi in this episode, except right in the beginning.

Data befriends an alien little girl, and Wesley gets to lead a team that will investigate the planet. The relevant clip for this blog comes right in the beginning of the episode, when Picard decides to go riding on the holodeck, and Troi accompanies him. The clip starts at around 0:51.

(After Troi has mentioned that she had a Betazoid kitten once, and her mother and the cat reacted... badly to one another.)

Picard: "Sure you don't want to try? [Riding a horse] It's very relaxing. We can find you something that would be quiet and gentle." [Troi is a non-rider.]
Troi: "No, I prefer a mode of transportation that doesn't have a mind of its own."
Picard: "Strange! I would expect Betazoids to be outstanding animal trainers."
Troi: "We become too involved in the thoughts and shifting passions of the beast. We lose our way and get swept up in emotion."
Picard: "I would expect the shifting passions of this beast [humans] would be far more terrifying."
[Troi smiles]
[Picard is summoned to the bridge]

In other words:

[Troi gives an example of Betazoids and animals reacting badly to one another.]
Picard: Want to ride?
Troi: No.
Picard: But my stereotype!
Troi: It's wrong.
Picard: But my stereotype!
Troi: /grin/

Hey Picard, your stereotype? It's wrong. ^_^ Betazoids are not Kazarites.

This same stereotype applies in real life to empathic and telepathic folks, too. As far as I can tell, YMMV a lot in real life, but the stereotype persists. In the Star Trek universe, it appears (at least with the case of Betazoids) to be universally wrong. The humans still have their stereotypes, however.

Also, it's a good idea for starship captains to have a thorough knowledge of the species and cultures of their crew members, especially their senior crew members. Troi has a seat on the bridge, right to his left. And Picard's not exactly a noobie in Starfleet. It would be a good idea to demonstrate some knowledge about her people, no?

I would expect this from a cadet at Starfleet Academy ("Oh really? Vulcans don't live in trees?"), not from a smart, well-read and experienced guy like Picard.
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