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13 March 2012 @ 11:05 pm
Bingo Cards  
The psi fail bingo card project came about because I realized I was seeing the same kind of fail over and over again. "Bingo" seemed like a useful format because to make the cards, I would have to summarize each type of fail in only a few words -- and then I would have a nifty list to show people, and to use when going through works of spec fic to help organize my thoughts on "what is a problem here and why". Plus, summarizing the fail into pithy, witty bingo card squares helps encapsulate some of the sting. The format has made it more manageable to talk and write about the fail (or to make fun of it).

You can use these cards to better spot the sorts of fail you are reading when you pick up a spec fic book that has psi in it, or watch a spec fic movie/tv show with psi in it. Just check them off as you go along, and you should be amazed at how many you get.

What the bingo cards do not do is explain why each of these squares is problematic (at least in my opinion). That is a lengthier discussion. Some of them will be self-evident, while others will not be, at least if this is your first exposure. PM me with questions if something doesn't make sense, and I will explain my thinking and/or give actual examples. All of these come from real works (usually several).

I also made a second set of psi fail bingo cards to cover real life (faily) interactions. I'm not posting those, at least not right away, but we might eventually get there. ^_^

These cards are a work in progress. As I encounter new forms of fail, I will keep making cards.
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