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14 March 2012 @ 01:32 am
Bingo Card 1  

Psi people as more than “human,” a new evolution, etc.
Psi awarenesses as “unfair” or “cheating”
Obligation to serve non-psi people, no matter what the cost
Non-psi character to psi character: “You’re not hired to be offended."
Psi presented as “always right”
“If telepaths existed, how would this affect…”
Psi makes you crazy
Telepathy is like a radio, a telephone, a walkie talkie, or some other technology
Medicalization, framing psi as like having a disease or disability
Telepathic women as “passive”
Telepathy as trespass or invasion (land metaphor)
Telepathic people are inherently less trustworthy
Psi people as weapons
A psi woman’s feelings are “beside the point.”
Government extermination, widespread social oppression
Psi as “evolution of consciousness”
Psi as metaphor for race/ ethnicity, or as comment on racism
Psi as political minority, or comment on communism
Psi people live together in quasi convent or monastery
Exploitation = empowerment
Psi people need to be eliminated to “free humanity” or reestablish free will
Any story (or subplot) with psi characters has to “be about” psi
Murder of psi people framed as “mercy killings” (they were miserable anyway)
Native shaman saves (or tries to save) non-psi white protagonists
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