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14 March 2012 @ 01:38 am
Bingo Card 2  

It is “unfair” for a psi person to be in a certain profession
“All psi people are good with animals”
Sexy psi woman (psi chick is for hot sex)
Disabled psi man
Child-like psi man
In the future, psi people pop into existence (with no explanation, or with a “cause”)
Psi as unnatural, supernatural or paranormal, not normal and natural
Psi people are to blame for our “un-controlled awareness or influence“
Evil/dangerous psi man
Telepathy as violence
Psi as metaphor for idea du jour
Psi characters as plot devices/ psi as a plot device
Free Space: “Ethical self-repression,” our awareness must be “controlled” (internalized oppression)
Crystal balls
Good PK = doesn’t break things (bad PK = breaks things)
Token psi person
“Aliens” more human than psi people
Good psi people do not display agency or self-determination, bad ones do -- they’re evil
Non-psi person taking down psi person = “justice” (“evening the score”)
Good PK = always conscious (bad PK = “lost control”)
Psi as transcendence of race, class structure, gender or species
Psi (or magical) hermit
Psi people have “special obligations to humanity or the government”
Glowing eyes (literally)
Psi people as half-alien
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