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14 March 2012 @ 01:45 am
Bingo Card 3  

Psi as reduction to a primitive, infantile, uncivilized state
Psi people as deformed or grotesque
Psi in spec fic included as, or interpreted as, “puerile wish-fulfillment”
Government (or other “bad agency/ bad guys”) experimenting on/ torturing psi people
(In spec fic) The “real” oppression is psi on psi, of course! (Not.)
Psi as “exotic” Telepathy in utero
“Rating” of psi people in spec fic, so-called “power levels”
Psi people only loyal to some monolithic psi organization
Non-psi people (“normals”) as “lesser life forms”
Arcing lights, trembling earth (caused by person being psi)
Psi people as “normal” but with “special powers” tacked on
Free Space: WE’RE SO SCARY! (And subversive and dangerous)
Psi people as the police
Drugs that make people psi
If psi people got power, they would kill or oppress all the “normals”
Psi people exist to provide moral lessons to non-psi people
Psi = spiritual enlightenment
Person becomes psi for only as long as it takes until some wrong is made right
Person is psi because he is “born to be the hero”
Drugs to “shut off” psi abilities
Psi RPG mechanics (all of them) “I’m sorry for what I am” -- ultimate regret in life is being psi, psi needs apologizing for
“Real” psi people do not to be trained or build skills (in order to be “useful”)
Psychic nosebleeds
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