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14 March 2012 @ 01:56 am
Bingo Card 4  

Psi people exist to teach non-psi people about the “human condition”
“Your telepathy is a penis/vagina”
Raping a telepathic girl is OK because she deserved it
Psi as “birth defect”
Kidnapping a psi person doesn’t count as real kidnapping
“Good guy” kills psi person
“Good guy” rapes psi woman
“Good guy” kidnaps psi person
“Good guy” treats psi people as weapons
There are only psi aliens (or part aliens), no psi humans
Telepathy as echo-y voice over
Real psi people as part of creepy stage acts
Free Space: Knowing/doing something without psi is OK, but knowing/doing same thing with psi is not
Psi framed as threat to national security
Psi people make contact (or are forced to make contact) with alien life forms
Psi as “naturally feminine” (women’s intuition)
Psi people as completely amoral
Psi people are plotting overthrow of the gov’t/ to take over the world
Psi person uses psi for sex (before he/she “learns his/her lesson” or “gets comeuppance”)
Narrator has to express disdain for belief in psi before psi events happen
Psi develops “poof” at puberty
Look, a psi gene!
Super, super exaggerated “powers”
Psi infants
Hive mind (is evil!)
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