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14 March 2012 @ 02:02 am
Bingo Card 5  

Killing a random telepathic character is OK -- he or she deserved it
Threatening to kill a telepathic character is OK -- he or she needs to be taught a lesson
Program to breed more “powerful” psi people
Psi people as isolationists (the psi only colony)
Psi people have really unusual names
Non-psi people teasing/ verbally harassing psi people, or pulling moves from Derailing for Dummies
Psi characters are happy with or unquestioningly complacent with oppression
Ghosts + scary music + sudden, flashing images Psi woman faints
Psi or psi people as “other”/ Psi people as “other” even to each other
Telepathic characters stare a lot (in silly ways)
Psi people are disgusted with themselves (see their senses as rude, bad, wrong, etc.)
Psi person “saves the day,” saves the world, etc. (by being psi)
All psi experiences or awarenesses are relevant to advancing the “plot”
Psi people always have psi children
What, thank a psi person? Never!
Planet where everyone is psi -- but we never see it
Psi always fits into accepted “categories”
Holding a psi person against his or her will is OK because psi people don’t have will
Psi and magick? Completely unrelated! Different rules!
Blind seer
Psi people have no family
Psi people of color don’t last more than one episode (if they are there at all)
Taking away a psi person’s “powers” = a fair fight
Special school for psi people
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