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14 March 2012 @ 02:05 am
Bingo Card 6  

Psi people have different ethics (all immoral or amoral, for example)
Psi = quantum mechanics
Non-“intentional” psi awareness or action = BAD
Using/ accepting psi awareness or action to achieve one’s goals = BAD
Touch telepathy (telepathy only works if you’re touching)
Telepathy as “rude”
Telepathy as violation
Telepathy as voyeurism
Telepathy as theft
Telepathy as rape or sexual assault
Psi people have be clearly marked in public (clothing, insignia, etc.)
Psi people have different physical features, so they stand out
Free Space: “The one person I cannot sense is so sexy because of that!”
Telepathy as going through someone’s private journal/ possessions
“Nouning” psi people (e.g. an empath, a telepath, a precog, etc.)
Psi people erasing others’ memories
Psi people have two choices -- hide what they are, or become public performers
Psi person “vows” never to use his or her “powers” again (till the plot requires it)
Psi as literary device
Bored with humanity because he or she is telepathic
Psi as crowd control
Psychic combat
Real psi = always useful to non-psi people or the plot
Telepathy only works between twins/ all twins are telepathic
Telepathic character as “walking lie detector”
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