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14 March 2012 @ 02:14 am
Bingo Card 7  

Slurs against psi people invented in the book or story
Distrust of telepaths is presented as normal, reasonable and/or deserved
Machine psi OK, biological psi not OK
Telepathy as downloading or literally reading
To be exploited is an honor! Really!
Oppression is OK -- psi characters began/ drafted the oppressive government policies themselves!
Psi person as “magical computer”
Empaths as inferior to (lesser than) telepaths
Psi is sensationalized (by the author explicitly, or by the characters in the story)
Psi people need to interface with machines to have “useful” power or ability
Character believes in psi -- haha, he’s so silly!
Psi people do not hold jobs unrelated to being psi
Free Space: Psi person working for the police (solving crimes, finding missing people, etc.)
Reading or influencing another’s mind = BAD (except if they’re “bad guys”)
Falling in love gives you psi awarenesses
“Mind-melds” always work with other species, even aliens
Psi people to blame for choosing to be aware of something
Kidnapping a psi person is actually “saving” him or her
Deathbed scans (scans at moment of death, scans after death)
Psi/psi relationship shown, psi/non-psi relationship not shown, off-screen, etc.
People find out person is psi -- friends or family hate/ fear/ abuse/ become violent toward/ leave him/her
Psi awareness as “low class”
It is only acceptable to allow yourself to know the thoughts of “bad people”
Psi brings you fame, and experiments done on you
“Happy” ending: psi person forced to become peculiar hermit or live quiet, obscure life away from others
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