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14 March 2012 @ 02:17 am
Bingo Card 8  

Taunt a psychokinetic person -- he/she becomes a mass murderer!
Psi people as “super-people” or “super-humans”
Psi referred to as “gifts” in “othering” sense
Gov’t program to make people psi (such as for military purposes)
Telepathy causes others around you to have seizures
Psi murderer/ serial killer
Renegade psi person out to kill other psi people (non-psi people caught in crossfire)
Telepathy to “switch minds” with someone else
Exploding heads, literally
Psi is melodramatic
Psi person as psychotic misanthrope, mentally disturbed
Psi person manipulates non-psi people, is dangerous, must be stopped!
Free Space: Psi people exist to serve non-psi people (be therapists, solve crimes, be lie detectors, etc.)
Psi people using their abilities to get rich (or make others rich), e.g. by gambling
Psi people cry for no apparent reason
Psi people exist to be entertaining “parlor tricks” for the non-psi
Psi person evolves into “pure energy”
Being psi causes others to bleed if they touch you
Psi person subjected to violence for being psi or “different”
Gov’t psi research to create secret assassins to do secret assassinations
Psi psychopath uses telepathy to drive others around him insane or to mentally torture them
Psi person vaporizes (or explodes, or incinerates) his/ her victims using just his/ her mind
Using psi to “suck the life force” out of someone
Government/ “bad guys” use or kidnap / try to kidnap psi people for nefarious purpose
Psychic rape isn’t “real” rape -- she liked it/ wanted it, etc.
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